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by Blindsight

Accessible OCR

Text Detective is a fully accessible app for the Blind and those with low vision, that lets you read text of all kinds with your mobile device. Point the camera and you can read your mail, menus, cards, product packages, medication labels, and all kinds of other print around you. It's fully compatible with VoiceOver or iOS7's text-selection "speak" option.

Great for reading text on the fly!

With Text Detective you can easily edit, copy and paste text into documents, emails or other apps. It even keeps the text in a history for future use.

Text Detective works best with the clean and crisp text you find in documents, and at a distance of about the length of a forearm. You can use it wherever you go - no need for network coverage – it even works on the plane.

The app is optimized for iPhone 4S or newer, but can be used with iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 5G. If you’re using an iPad, please be aware that the camera position is different from the iPhone and iPod, which might require additional training and practice to align the camera and text.

The creation of this product was supported in part by SBIR grants from the National Institutes of Health (grants # EY011821 and EY020707).

Text Detective by Blindsight is covered by U.S. Patent No. 7817855 and pending US and international patents.

release notes—1.6

* better iOS9 and arm64 support
* better paragraph grouping
* fixes for Twitter posting and overly-noisy images

iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
open in iTunes | view at itunes.apple.com


Note: I'm responsible for the front end code, accessibility, and some UX/graphic design on this one, as part of my day job for the wonderful Blindsight Corp.


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