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kaolin fire presents :: 3d models :: Armor :: Breastplate

3d models :: Armor :: Breastplate

17700 vertices

Created for Blood Arcane, a book cover for the sixth of the series 'Dark Brothers of the Light'. This blend has a lovely inverse-kinematic armature for the leather straps. Though come to think of it, they don't really have anywhere to go, still. In my own blend, I hadn't figured out armature envelopes and had decided to forego the armature entirely--in retrospect, a huge mistake. I just made sure the leather loops went 'back', and it was a real mess from any other angle. Also in my own blend, I wound up trying to use the push/pull deform script to make a nifty little skull in the armor itself.

Download free: Breastplate (263.5 KB)

all objects here are my own creation and hereby released into the public domain; use as you like, commercial or non, attribution or non, derivative or non.

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