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11/11/1999 : 342x449 PNG (orig missing)

This piece is nothing at all like what I consider to be "my style" (any one of them, anything I've evovled from or anything I expect to evolve to or through). It was a collaboration with Brian Denny, to share/exchange photoshop tricks and methodologies. We spent several hours on it, going back and forth. The number of layers we had was (to me) astounding. The eyeball in the center came out of nothing (we started with a completely blank image, though I think we cheated a bit on the flame, using Alien Candy's package (if I'm remembering the name right?)). I don't think it's much like his style, either. It's a bit more (to my eye) coherent, is a lot richer in texture and whatnot. While it's more chaotic and abstract than my usual.

I am soooo fake pre-loading this image so the navigation doesn't skip while loading the over state.  I know I could use the sliding doors technique to avoid this fate, but I am too lazy.