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Other Landscape

Other Landscape
11/16/2003 : 24"x30" : $450

This was originally a valkyrie owl sort of creature, singing, arm outstretched, shield forward, standing in a tree. In the sketch, the 'tree'ness of it came out rather well, and the owl was cute. Large, it was painful. I was using highly-mixed paint (this was the third painting of the day), and I'm sure that didn't help things; I was also starting to fatigue, and the light was fading, (and and and). So I wound up with a horrific mess, which I (somehow) managed to turn upside down (literally, as well), and turn into this odd moon-type-sun shining down on a beautiful lake on some far-off world. Reminiscent of 'Swans' for some valid reasons, but this is far richer, and just better done.

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