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kaolin fire presents :: thoughts :: assumptions vs. beliefs


I think one can make it through with assumptions. In fact, I think it's a far better way to go through life -- assumptions instead of beliefs. Sure, it makes life a little more uncertain, but it also lets you land on your feet, like a cat.

Hrm. I believe in myself, more than anything else. I think the rest of me follows as theorems derived from the basic axioms of my thought processes.

Hrm. I don't know what more there actually is to my thinking on magic and ritual, as I do my best to avoid thinking on it too hard. I have a strong atheist shell that built up in response to tring to be agnostic in a southern baptist town. But of course, that's just my rational being. It's the whole assumption vs. belief thing.

However, here are a few of my assumptions and toys...

The foremost of these would be the law of Karma. Do unto the world as you'd have it do unto you... tied in with that would be "luck"... if the world is doing good things to you... go fuck up at something you don't care too much about... just so it doesn't hit you all at once. I occasionally play the lottery on this theory... if things are going too well, I'll blow a small wad ($10 or $20), and do my damnedest to lose... buying new tickets with whatever money I gain until I've spent the money on worthless cardboard. If things are going poorly, I might blow the same, same process, just to try to bottom out the luck, and start going up with it again. I guess it's the old roleplaying karma deal... just throw cash at it. :)

Energies... energies (of course) tie into karma and luck, but I tend to think of them more in the particular... specific energy at a specific time and place. I've never 'seen' an aura, or energy flow of the metaphysical sort... I have 'felt' energy... if energy exists to be felt, that I am generally somewhat adept at that. A direct tie-in to energy would be my concept of mind and body... I don't know what the mind is, or how exactly it ties into the body, but I firmly believe (more so than any other 'belief' that I have, at least) in the mind's ability to control the body... anything from standard locomotion to molecular agitation/relaxation (heating up and cooling), to self-induced hallucination or actual disease, the cures thereof, etc... some less scientific than others (smirk). The only 'spells' I've 'cast' leaned on these premises, and were successful... Two were mood alteration and one was a memory-locker. In each case, I carefully set the setting, and read some piece of poetry or prose, or had the person whom the spell was upon read the script... (memory locker -- locking in a specific memory into a person's consciousness so that they will be able to bring it back at whim) The two poems I wrote myself for the very occasion... the prose was a piece of import to the one to whom it was read.

Very high up on my wishlist is reincarnation. It's most definitely my favourite of the "this mortal life is only a part of eternity" theme... I prefer the reincarnation which deals with different animal (and possibly even vegetable and mineral) species... Not really might to say about this other than I'd really like it to be true.

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