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kaolin fire presents :: thoughts :: meaning


What the hell is meaning? In my opinion, meaning is one of the fundamental meanings of life. Tricky definition, neh? Of course, it's not one, it's a ... description, a facet of it, but that's all right as well.

What the hell is meaning? Meaning is. Meaning is what is important to people? Fuck. What is the dictionary definition of meaning? "Something that is conveyed or signified". That was actually useful, thank you dictionary dot com!

So. Meaning is what is conveyed or signified. Meaning is what is transfered in conversation from me to you. This rant on meaning has meaning, is meaning in some way. But what does it mean? That you should think, because life exists. That's what I think. (my opinion of the moment) I don't know if I mean it, it sounds like a different answers sort of problem.

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