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kaolin fire presents :: thoughts :: open relationships


That really depends on the relationship. I probably wouldn't go out looking if I had someone I cared for and who cared for me... someone who satisfied my needs emotionally and physically. But I'd like to be in a relationship where I didn't have to turn down people who came on to me. On the other hand, I've never had anyone come on to me, so..... I dunno. The happiest non-monogomous sexual interactions I've been in were groups of four... two couples, both secure with their relationships, enjoying eachother. I'm pretty sure I want to have a non-monogomous relationship.... but only physically non- monogomous. I want an emoptionally monogomous relationship, where the primary relationship is always without a doubt the primary relationship.

It also depends on whether the people in the relationship were actually solid enough (solid enough people) for the open relationship they espoused. It's not entirely the relationship you're testing, but the very individual maturities. And I, for one, am still not mature enough for coping with what I want out of an open relationship. :)

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