Kaolin Fire with GUD Issues 0 through 5

kaolin fire presents :: thoughts :: suicidal consciousness


I've noticed, at least in me, and other people have nodded their heads at this, the following.... consciousness seems to seek its own destruction. Not that of the body, but of the (id?). thought. conscious thought. The mind seems to exist to solve a problem, and is then more than happy to disappear into nonexistant bliss when the problem has been dealt with (or has passed by, ...).

Now.... I'd like to toss your intellects and viewpoints at this, if you don't mind. What reasons could there be for consciousness to want to turn off? evolutionarily? socially? does consciousness lead to depression? "I think, therefore I hate life."? Makes sense in a way, if there really is nothing out there to latch on to. :) could there be physical reasons to turn off consciousness? overwhelming ones? [I mean, sure, maybe your metabolism goes down some...]

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