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gods? what gods? Let me put it like this: I was raised an agnostic by atheists. A southern baptist town led me to tell everyone I was atheistic instead of agnostic, because that was easier.

I am *not* a born-again pagan, a wiccan, a new age creep, or a jew, christian, hindu, buddhist, moslem, ... I might be closest to a cross between a new age creep and a buddhist, maybe with a dash of hinduism, but I've never formulated my beliefs, and I've never really delved into theirs. So it would be blatant misrepresentation to say that I am such.

So wherefore this "gods" exasperation? [I'm sure there's a better word for it. aspiration in the sense to aspirate, but not to aspire? doesn't quite seem right either... in any case...] All this doesn't lead to much, I'm afraid. I just wanted to give a little context, but again I seem to be falling into the trap of not speaking plainly.

Essentially, then, since I wasn't somehow able to say it in the last paragraph -- "gods" is a meant as a minor shock, or goad, preferably a subconscious tweak to the general population. I don't believe in a god, nor in gods -- they've never manifested to me. And I'm satisfied with that.

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