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Icq Domo

Hrm. So. Yes. I wanted to make an instant messenger system that would handle lists... a bot that you can subscribe to and unsubscribe from... where a message sent to the bot gets redispursed to everyone who's subscribed. You can also see who's subscribed and stuff like that. More functionality would be nice to add, as well as interfaces for all other instant messenger systems. I have to thank the wonderful Net::ICQ folks for their wonderful perl package -- I almost never use perl, but they made it a breeze to whip this program up in about seven hours.

Here's the original alpha version: icqdomo-1a.pl. It spammed regardless of your online status.

Here's the current beta version: icqdomo-1b.pl. It only spams you if you're online when a message is sent. And I mean "online", not "Away" or "Invisible-Online" or anything like that. Another kudos to Net::ICQ for answering my question regarding status succinctly, quickly, and, well, nigh perfectly. It was enough to do a google search for the missing info. I wish I knew perl better -- it would have saved me an hour or troubles with hashes. ;)

Here's the once-again latest version: icqdomo-1c.pl. It begins to have some ability to tell you when other folks have logged on or off. Some logic errors in there somewhere, I expect it's a typo perl is letting me get away with. La la la. ;)

Here's the once-again latest version: icqdomo-1d.pl. Doesn't seem to be buggy. Definitely not fully featured, but it's a start. I'm going to jump over to java and see if I can integrate it with my chatroom.