Kaolin Fire with GUD Issues 0 through 5

kaolin fire presents :: Kaolin's 101 Crash course in web development with PHP/MySQL


Disorganized lessons that emphasize the use of google and php.net's reference area, plus taking a look at samples around you...

Lesson 1: Assumptions Tested
Assumptions of the rest of the lessons will be a rudimentary understanding of html, the ability to learn from mistakes, and the ability to set up somewhere to test (so either a local server with php and mysql, or a remote server with php and mysql and knowledge of ftp). You should also know how to use a text editor or IDE of some sort. I use vim, but would recommend Crimson Editor for just getting started, because you don't want any extra hassles. For ftp/scp (file transfer to/from a remote server), I recommend Filezilla.

Lesson 2: Is PHP Running? How many fingers do you see?
We're going to make one simple php page, just to validate a few of our previous assumptions. This will be your first introduction to php in these lessons.

Lesson 3: Hello, world. Hello, Dave.
Display your first dynamic data, and get a quick rant on security.

Lesson 4: A quick detour for some CSS
A reminder to keep your code clean and simple. If you already know CSS, you might not want to bother. Really. There's nothing here for you to see. I might give a more detailed rant in a later lesson when there's more to worry about.

Lesson 5: Break it up!
Two things you should always do with a project so as to keep maintenance as easy as possible! First, we'll spit our file into a header and a footer; then we'll split our form into the view, control, and response.

Lesson 6: Guestbook
This needs a lot more time spent on it, but as notes for later... steps towards your own guestbook