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e h Mike
Jun 1 '13
Hi Kaolin, just popping by your site while waiting for some customers in the chat room. Nice site!
e h Lee Jenna Tyler
May 20 '13
I love your artwork, code, your sense of humor and I have yet to get into your writing. Just wanted to say thanks for all you do for the community.
e h Steven
Jan 3 '13
h T. Jonathron Remp
Sep 3 '12
Hi, is poemranker.com ever coming back? I would like to get my poems :( Also, I love poemranker.
e h Marcos
Jul 24 '12
Olá tentei jogar o seu Boggle em Java mas não funciona!!!
e Valerie Vail Saichek
Jan 25 '12
Hey Kaolin! This is Val from SMYL! GUD just accepted one of my paintings!!!! I thought it was so cool finding your name right here, right now! How AWESOME GUD IS!!!
e h The Dog Walker
Jan 5 '12
Still no comments on Max? Nearly a year since the last comment... You might want to try Transcendence. It's a nifty space game you can keep your coding up with. A long way from ZZT I know.
e Gene
Feb 28 '11
Wow! Really liked, "A Lifetime's Inspiration", SFD. 'Insipid' made the futility of innocence real for me. Thanks . . I think. Ha!
e h Frank
Feb 13 '11
Great website and many greetings from Germany
e Susan
Jan 21 '11
e Chris Saunders
Jul 13 '10
Nice site, nice blog - but is Poemranker dead? And how can I get back things that were on there?
e h Alejo Hausner
Apr 7 '10
Hellishly funny. You've been busy!
e h Bed and Breakfast Roma
Mar 17 '10
nice site!
e h Neil Colquhoun
Jan 21 '10
Like the site. Keep it up.
e Gregory
Jan 13 '10
Nice website : )
e h Walter
Sep 7 '09
fallingup is awsome hope you upgrade it...ps i could use some code help!
e The dog walker
Aug 14 '09
Still no comment about Max, eh? Reviewed your resume and think you can pick up Python without a problem. You also might want to check out irfanview. Also, is there anyway you can explain space time that doesn't sound stupid.? Thanks.
e h Jack
Aug 5 '09
Cool ! Good site!
e h Lou Antonelli
Jul 27 '09
I saw your comment on the SFWA web site about Tor.com. I queried them, mentioned a few bona fides, and they've let me submit. You probably just need to query
e h Dwayne
Jun 4 '09
I enjoyed the art section. Sounds like you do many different tallents. Good Luck!
e h yj-art
May 25 '09
Great work!
e h Bob
Feb 17 '09
I'm new to this - so is wildawgz - its for my son - wanted to say thanks for the PHP tutorial. Comments and suggestions on my site are always welcome.
e h mike marsh
Feb 2 '09
gawk! whats up with your face man! ... Umm... cool... First to post in 09, woot!
h Shiela
Nov 13 '08
Your site is very good. Thank you for the opportunity to sign your guest book.
e h auria cortes
Oct 15 '08
Thanks for visiting my blog. We have a lot in common. Not only am I a writer but I also paint. If you have a blog, let me know by leaving a comment on mine.
e h Psychotronic
Oct 11 '08
i love fallingup... i fucks my senses... i'll catch myself turning my he to look around the game table, while it turns... evil sick shit... i'll love it! XD
e h dj barber
Aug 27 '08
Liked your Eve story on EDF
e h michelle leblanc-miller
Mar 3 '08
in SETX you lived next door to my grandparents; how's max & jill? won't waste your space w/my boring life
e h stacie
Jan 20 '08
I think you should get people to pay for this game. It works great.
Well...the dog sitter.
Sep 19 '07
Is Max still kicking your butt at cribbage?
e Paul Tullis
Jul 25 '07
I'm gonna go with Umm... cool. Nice finding you on the internets after some 12 years.
e Rich Merrill
Jul 3 '07
I'd like to e-mail you a rewritten poem from scrawl I did. The original was yours, and then I can delete it from my files, as It is not mine. Thank you
e Omar
May 4 '07
Hey, I got accepted to UCLA and Berkeley, now I can't decide where to go. . .
e h Kenny Riu
Apr 26 '07
Apr 5 '07
e h Colonel Kev
Feb 9 '07
ahhhhhhhhrrrggggghhhhhhhhh.... Cool website, what's & when's new?
e charlie
Jan 26 '07
excellent site. I love the reading charlie_chap234@yahoo.co.uk
e h Janrae Frank
Jan 17 '07
Nifty. I love it.
e h pouemes
Dec 23 '06
beau site http://pouemes.free.fr/poesie/morango-adairlei.htm
e h Nickolaus Pacione
Nov 24 '06
My ex-girlfriend is trying to submit a story to GUD magazine and she's having a hard time working with the submission form. Give me an email when you get this so I can give your email address to her. Maybe you can explain it better.
e h Jassica
Oct 13 '06
very nice site. i was lucky with mr. google..
Aug 5 '06
ehi you're tetris is really funny (or cool, if you like :), though it will drive me crazy, maybe that's this why i find it funny.
e Katrina Taylor
Mar 2 '06
I really love your website. The graphics are outstanding.
h Crystal Dawn
Feb 2 '06
I really enjoy your work. Thank you for sharing your art!
h George Fest
Jan 19 '06
In the words of Eric; "I'm a guest!" :-)
e Glen Chapman
Jul 26 '05
Hi - can you drop me a note when you get a chance. lookiing for a contact addy for Shar :) thanks Glen
e Karl
May 28 '05
I wish I'd have shown my appreciation for your mind when I had the opportunity....maybe Port Arthur would have been a little more bearable
e h Annie
May 24 '05
Interesting website. Trying to figure out what it all is, but I like it so far!
e h mike marsh
Apr 18 '05
Wow! You sure know how to keep busy with your programming projects! I have a great idea for a tetris game involving using a midi keyboard as a controller. Ask me about when you get a chance. See you at Centric.
thomas wendell tiblier (tombo)
Apr 18 '05
just got this pc i dont know how to use it yet but i have been playing chess on line i think i am getting better my phone number is 281 441 2137 maby you can give me a call hi to ms.jill and kaolin it is good to find you no line lets play
e niquenya
Feb 14 '05
hey kaolin. remember me? how's jake?
e This is your Aunt Carol
Dec 7 '04
01-01-05 is coming closer
e h Michael K. Martim
Nov 11 '04
Dude! This looks good. Actually I googled "weird lefty motorcyclists from San Fran looking for jobs in L.A. so he can be with his way cool mate." and I got you. :)
e h Allister MacLeod
Sep 2 '04
May I pretend to be a secret clone of you? Hair, glasses, lj interests... :-P
e h James
Jun 12 '04
this is a really coolsite! keep it up
e PhillipSeymore
May 30 '04
Your web site is well done and organized. I love your art, but don't know how "The Last to Have Sex" got published as a short story. That was pretty bad, and left me with a terrible taste in my mouth (don't twist that comment, sicko)
e h Laura
May 24 '04
Sorry for the theft of your clouds. I put your image in my blog (I found it by altavista.com) and I thought that your clouds were the same I saw in the sky over me. If you are disliked I can remove your image or I can add the author's name. And sorry for my english too, but I'm italian.
e z
Apr 17 '04
there is so much more here than i remember, k. i will have to make more time to read. more time. yes. got to get past that linear ideal of it. maybe do that first. then, on to better things...
e h Terrie Leigh Relf
Mar 28 '04
Loved your site...We've worked together how long and now I'l getting a better picture...
e maga
Mar 20 '04
thanks to all the fire men in usa.
e Brian Stockinger
Oct 3 '03
what/where is Gaylords? and when is your show?
e h Webmaestro
Oct 1 '03
Very nice website. Please vsiit my website!!! :)
e Eric
Sep 13 '03
I'm a guest!
e Brian Stockinger
Sep 10 '03
Curious it is what one will find when they browse for the family name. Your site, bio and accomplishments are impressive. It would seem a thread of creativity seems to run through the Stockinger name.
e Michele
Apr 04 '03
Help! I found your site with a search for "Janis Joplin sitting on her porsche". This is the poster I've been trying to find!! Can anyone tell me where I can buy this? PLEASE write me at mug-zugzug@att.net. Thanks!!
e Lesleigh
Oct 27 '02
coolest individual I know :)
Oct 27 '02
e mcellin2
Oct 27 '02
h Freya
Oct 17 '02
( 0:34)
I'm not sure exactly how I found your website, but I love your "rants" And intend to read them all! You are interesting.
e h Aaron Cometsnake
Sep 30 '02
( 2:14)
the universe works in weird ways. I found i'm looking for a guide to a homebrewed EEG. The universe brought me here. Do you have one?
e Carol Luedecking
Aug 04 '01
e Melodie Earickson
Jul 31 '01
help! I want to see pictures of reunion!
e Peter Nourke
Jul 01 '01
Umm... cool. Do you still have Scramble2_1.zip ??
e h Shar
Jun 09 '01
( 5:41)
Ya know what I want to see Kaolin? I want a poem made up entirely of that weird web-talk shit you computer heads do... hehehe... got one of those??
e h Shar
Jun 09 '01
( 5:41)
Ya know what I want to see Kaolin? I want a poem made up entirely of that weird web-talk shit you computer heads do... hehehe... got one of those??
e Mack Knopf
Apr 18 '01
Been catching up on some Thoughts I'd missed -- very interesting, as usual. :)
e h 2 dope
Jan 28 '01
nice page but not as good as mine
e h JosH
Jan 28 '01
nice art on yer page
God Almighty
Jan 10 '01
I approve.
e Jane Doe
[no timestamp]
Hi Kaolin...love the photo of upsidedownnaked you. Very nice.
e Jessi Frauman
[no timestamp]
I enjoyed your poetry. I had a good time exploring your site. Email me. :) Love, KissMeNow1126 :)
e h TheNetworkGirl
[no timestamp]
It was nice to read you! I definitly want to talk about collaberation in the near future. You are on the Network. You are in the Network. You are the Network!
e h Merlin
[no timestamp]
Very, very well done, oh Scattered one!
e Jake Caim
[no timestamp]
Kaolin, I have much to tell you, write me on e-mail!
e h Ken Spencer
[no timestamp]
Great textuality (a term stolen from DMT) ... love it ...
e h Allison Fehl
[no timestamp]
I have been surfing the web for about 2 years now and I can honestly say. OH MY GOD! I finally found something worth looking at. I enjoyed your stories, poetry, & art. Hope to see & read more in the future.
e h Paul McEllin
[no timestamp]
Hi Kaolin, just popping by your site while waiting for some customers in the chat room. Nivce site!
e Debra Grace Khattab/Sciaf
[no timestamp]
Nice web page Kaolin. I liked some of your rambling poetry, I will come back to check out much more of the poetry and pics as the ones of you were quite impressive :o)
e h Brenda Lynn Lake
[no timestamp]
I read one of your stories (LastRites)...very good...quite a read. I'll be back to read more later. :-)
e Kender
[no timestamp]
"And their be Green Aligators, and Long Neck Geese; Some Humpty-back Camels, and a Chimpanzee; Rats, and Bats, and Elephants; and as shure as your borne, don't you forget the Unicorn." - something like that anyway
e h Primate
[no timestamp]
Love the page, the poem "In my shell" is genius i reallllllly enjoyed it....really ;) lol
e h Kristina Solheim
[no timestamp]
Fellow co-op member... great page. ;)
e Raphael
[no timestamp]
I was strolling along, whistling a happy tune (a first for me) and stumbed onto your pages. I've cleaned up the mess and enjoyed looking around while I stayed. Hope to chat with you sometime... I could always use a drink, perhaps a story?
e kenneth Labbe
[no timestamp]
I love poetry too. Check out my homepage and see what you think!
e Jenni Owens
[no timestamp]
I love red trash cans. I went and bought two. I was so inspired
e Sherry
[no timestamp]
Mr. Kaolin likes sheep? La!
e h breanna vanmeter
[no timestamp]
wOw *in awe*
h Larry Garrett
[no timestamp]
Really like your site. I've "bookmarked" it so I can return. The poem "She Is" was super. Very well done. If you havent' submitted your work, you should. I write lots of poetry and short stories. Visit my site if you wish...take care
e Thomas J. Cloutier
[no timestamp]
it's a cool page but is it all about you? you should use some work by other people "as talented as you" on this. (ie ME)!!!!

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