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Photo Gallery (28 sections)UPLast Updated: May 22, 2006
38 (and counting) pictures
Hiking Manzania
22 pictures
War protest in the city, a day after all the other protests made headlines
72 pictures
Burning Man 2002 (my third; I dragged Max along)
41 pictures
Summer Vacation w'Amy (Oregon Caves, Portland, Eugene, Lassen
36 pictures
Austin Creek State Park w'Amy/Julie/Ed
37 pictures
Minaret Lake, Devil's Postpile, hot springs, strange bugs... with Paul, Dave + Andrea, Sweetpea, Kate, Anne(sp?)
31 pictures
In Monterey with Amy -- she wanted to go kayaking; we wound up spending equal time if not more in the aquarium there
11 pictures
Hiking Tilden Park with James
26 pictures
Palace of Fine Arts, Ocean Beach, and John Muir Overlook with Donovan and james
25 pictures
Berkeley Botanical Garden with Amy + her folks after her graduation
31 pictures
The Oakland Rose Garden (a couple of days, plus the walk there and back and a few random things)
27 pictures
Sequoia National Park w'Amy -- skiing and snow and trees
12 pictures
valentine's day 2002 (3/4versary) -- rose garden, flowers, "stufftie", damned good food
18 pictures
My 24th Birthday Party (balloons galore!)
34 pictures
Burning Man 2001 (my second). There's also a wealth of pictures of 2001 @ The Digital Shutterbug.
33 pictures
Austin Creek State Park w'Amy (after going there once with some other folks for spring break many years before... finally getting back! and it's as amazing as I remembered)
30 pictures
Visiting Wisconsin with Jill; old friends [Cathy + Dan] ... Madison, Devil's Lake
16 pictures
(semi)Mock protest outside JavaOne (Moscone Center, San Francisco)
12 pictures
Easter with Noah; up in the Berkeley hills
21 pictures
Mack visits (trip to the aquarium and around alcatraz)
37 pictures
Australia - Merlin & Mel (Sydney; King's Corner)... and my first piercing
24 pictures
Mr. & Mrs. Kender (Dallas/Houston/Port Arthur) -- a wedding and revisiting the hell that is South-East Texas
17 pictures
Business Trip with (company name deleted, many expletives exchanged) in Vancouver, looking for funding.
22 pictures
NY with Shweta/Alicia/Nathanial (snow and museum...)
18 pictures
To Mexico and San Diego with Kevin, with some camping in the mountains to boot.
20 pictures
metazoa's "merger"
7 pictures
My 23rd Birthday Party (out at Ti Couz with the Metazoa gang... one last all-expense-paid birthday party...)
11 pictures
"4th annual" pigeon roast. Squaaaaaaaaaaaaaab!

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