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Hokay, I didn't mention one revision I did to the site that made it one of the uglies things to look at (really just a coloro scheme change... happened at the same time, roughly, as I made GUD the happy clouds background site instead of the dark oppressive asteroid bullets site... I had to put the dark oppressive asteroid bullets somewhere. ;) Anyway, TODAY I integrated Aaron Ganschow's "Tidy Blog" theme. OMFG it's wonderful. And I finally FINALLY set up all of my crazy amounts of content with some serious rethinking of organization. Hopefully it works for people. Right now, I'm thrilled, even though there's holes all around.
Gods, has it been this long? Yes, yes it has. The site could really use some real design (still, again, what-have-you). I just added a "feed" to my "outstanding submissions" file to the home page and my writing page. Maybe I'll add a feed to http://thoughts.keenspace.com/, too. Maybe. Some day.
Split the 'oil paintings' section into three parts, moved all paintings in order of chronology, updated the paintings a bit, simplified the browse display to show all items a bit more quickly. Somewhere in there I updated lots of other bits, rather did a huge revamp, etc. Largely related to things I complained about in my last post. Yay me?
Updated the Art section. Added blurbs about everything, a section about my own artistic history (or, well, yeah, something like that), and... and and and. That took an insane amount of time, and was a bit depressing as I found several pieces that I'd lost the digital originals for. I also cut out a bunch of pieces that I thought were just cluttering it up (weren't representational of my current abilities as I see them), and added a couple I'd somehow overlooked that I thought were particularly good. Still need to make it so you can "post" to the guestbook, and should make the "writing" (stories, poetry) cleaner, have blurbs, ... don't know where to put my comics, if anywhere. And projects REALLY needs to be cleaned out. organized. given a couple more layers. Probably first I should figure out how I want to work my layers (practice in art? fair amount of duplicated code in it, kinda). Also thoughts could maybe use some. Think think thoughts. And "code" should be linked under projects. Of course. Also "experiments" probably. I can't believe how this thing grew out of control.
Da frames be gone. This thing's finally getting the makeover it needed a long time ago. It deserved. It really, REALLY needed. It's going to take a while, but I started yesterday and I might have figured out a color scheme to stick with for a while. Templating everything through php, as much as I don't like php, just because it's easier to do on my friend's machine than jsp, due to file permissions and other wonkiness.
This site now requires frames. Sorry, yo. I should do something about that at some point, like give the old index page or something. Ah, hell. I'll at least put all the links back so that the spiders stay fed. Maybe stylesheets will get better enough that I can do the frame-like layout I wanted with stylesheets. Or maybe they already ARE better enough, but I can't get them to work. :/
Dumbed down front page, added links. Added 'h3s'.
I wrote a joke that a small handful of people found funny. So I added a "jokes" page. with the one joke. Ha ha ha?
totally redid the picture gallery and added ten or eleven wings to it.
I guess I forgot this page was here. Umm. added a LOT of tests to the tests page. Added a couple galleries. Added some art. Updated my resume. Noticed my guestbook was broken and fixed it...
added a page to my links page... "tests".... lame-ass internet personality tests and such I've taken.
updated my "material desires" page to point to my amazon wishlist. :)
updated art page -- added phoenix yang (diabolique), mushroom3, butterfly2. Removed two "middle" phoenix yangs (contrast and... angel/demon)
updated micq patch project page and icqdomo project page
updated fractroam project page -- brought versions up to 2a_3, added DirectX and PNG versions, redid layout a LITTLE, added more "About" information. I really need help figuring out how to organize all that information, and what to say and not say... :whimper:
added a bunch of art to my art gallery (fractal queen (sun and zen), art room, building by the sky, caterpillar, offering to the fire, partition, tree and hills, phoenix yang (contrast and angel/demon); also removed some crap to keep the page a reasonable size. :)
updated my art gallery -- removed a bunch of pictures I felt were way below standards and made the gallery easier to use.
updated my poem list -- removed a bunch of poems I felt were way below standards and made the gallery prettier; added some categories, removed some, split some. added six recent poems. :)
Amy just pointed out that when I moved my projects up to the other side of the yin/yang, I messed up the link to the "thoughts". :whee:
added SVGA code to fractral roamer page, temporarily lost the srccode to the windows version
Updated resume based on Mark Bonica's suggestions :)
Updated "fractal roamer" page -- redid layout a little, added more recent versions, ...
Added a gallery: Austin Creek 08/2001
Added a gallery: Revisiting Wisconsin
Added a new Poem "Passing" under _Life_
Updated "scramble" page some because a kind soul mentioned offhandedly that it was broken. The page still isn't "all that", but... whatever, for now.
Updated Boggle page also, to represent kate's new email address (as of a year ago or so)
Wrote a new story and added it (Spirit)
Added 3 galleries -- Mack March 2001, Noah's Easter 2001, JavaOne 2001
Updated my resume :)
And censored it some more... Bleah. THEY SUCK!
Censored my trip to vancouver (in gallery) for potentially legal reasons. I really hate that company -- I'm so sick of them. I wish they'd just leave me alone.
Fixed a visual error on links page
Changed reference at bottom of projects pages to point to erif.org instead of entropic.tentacle.net
Removed "Co-op world" from links -- it was lost a long time ago... changed it to my Elfwood gallery (easier than removing it and fixing the color scheme)
Made "Erif.org (Projects)" image smaller in template
Fixed blurb for fractroam
Moved projects from yang to yin
Added poem "Uncertainty"
Added project "clothing"
Added news section
Added a couple points to the fractroam image list
Added two quotes
Added "IcqDomo" project