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Other forms of life have evolved...

NFG A magazine. Mission Statement: To deliver the unexpected, the odd image that sticks with you or makes you bark out laughter from time to time over the coming weeks. Stories to talk about with your friends or colleagues that explore the universe, the self, or the alley outside your window. We are hoping to publish the intelligent and creative who can't seem to or don't want to cram their ideas into a pigeonhole long past stuffed with pigeon feces.
The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Co-Op is an internet-based community of writers who work together to improve each other's writing by sharing works, ideas, news, and criticism. Membership is open to anyone who is interested in participating in this process. imaginaries
skwerms Skwerms (pronounced squirms) is a website. It is a handy way to keep track of what you want to keep track of, be it lists of books to read, movies to see, projects to do, groceries to buy... With Skwerms, you can have as many lists as you like; even lists-within-lists. And you even get the satisfying *thunk* of crossing things off (well, you click a button and it does a strikethrough...). And you can assign a date due to your items, or not, as you like.
poem ranker is a conglomeration of ideas, a side project, and an experiment. The concept came from a cross between imaginaries.org (an online writers' workshop) and RankPeople and Hot or Not (formerly AmIHotOrNot). Kaolin was intrigued by the voyeuristic and exhibitionistic aspects and wanted to contribute something :: something perhaps a little more tasteful (and different :: there are enough sites for ranking how people look at this point). poemranker
Rockmage "My name is Max Stockinger. I am an artist. A sculptor. I also designed a whole bunch of animals. I want to share my patterns and show the trail of my art. To do this, I wrote this html set (the animal patterns). Not being of this world, everthing looks ooga boogaish to me. Still, it seems to work. And my images appear and the patterns print."
Me. And Amy. More than you wanted to know? Quite likely. That's just fine. It's there regardless. AmyAndKaolin
Gradebook For teachers, to keep track of assignments and students, and for students of those teachers.

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