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Scramble by Katherine Anne Talbert and Kaolin Fire

(c) 1998 - Entropy .Cni
Scramble is a take-off on the ages old game Scrabble by Milton Bradley. We've added a few twists, perks, and options to allow you to customize your game in ways you've probably never considered. In fact, to look at it you'd think we had lots of free time. If only.

But to get on with it, a highlight of what we've added:
  • Timing options:
    • set a different timer for each player
    • have the timer randomly set for you each round
  • Random Schtuff:
    • random assortment of letters!
    • random valuation of letters!
    • random starting square!
    • random bonus squares!
    • random first player selection! (here's innovation for you)
    • lots of exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!
  • And of course, you can play a "normal" game as well.
    • from two to four player selection
    • adds up your score for you
    • conforms as best as we could find to standard scrabble rules
    • you need your own dictionary and your own mind. Neither have been implemented in this version.
Here are some screen shots:
Scramble was written with Sun's JDK, and a generic version of vi (well, not TOO generic -- vim). Integrated Development Environments and me just don't get along too purty.

To enjoy our fine product, all you need is Java installed on your machine, and the lovely little self-executing (sorta) Scramble.jar.

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