Kaolin Fire with GUD Issues 0 through 5

kaolin fire presents :: software :: TumbleDots

for the iPhone and iPad (HD!)


TumbleDots is a fast-paced match-3 game that uses your iDevice's accelerometer (or arrow keys, in Flash). Tilt the board to line up groups of three or more gems of the same color...sounds simple, but there's a great puzzle challenge made trickier in the motion.

"This is probably the first game I have played where I have actually laughed out loud while playing."—What's That App?
"simple yet addicting game"—AppsOnTapp
iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
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I am soooo fake pre-loading this image so the navigation doesn't skip while loading the over state.  I know I could use the sliding doors technique to avoid this fate, but I am too lazy.