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kaolin fire presents :: writing :: poetry :: AGlimpseofDespair


Soft music strains in the background... violins, of course.
Lavendar clouds dance from east to west as the sun gently
rocks itself to sleep, out of sight.

Out of sight in that melancholy way, the all's well that ends well;
hanging just below the edge of the horizon... 

sadness and despair my company for the night... friendship, warm
and soft, a spark in the mind of what happiness is; happiness, that
word that once was known so well and now can simply be approximated 
through memories and moments such as this one... 
fleeting: bright but ethereal.

Wishing... knowing for dreadful certainty in that heart of hearts 
that tells us such things 
that happiness will never come again.


Wishing... knowing for dreadful certainty that 
        a smile from her would cure everything but 
        knowing ever more surely that such a thing will never happen.


Wishing... wishing for death.  Not by my own hand 
        for that would hurt too many people but 
        for some peaceful end to this misery.


for death.

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