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The Boondock Saints
Crazy In Alabama
A beautiful juxtaposition of two stories regarding 'freedom'--civil rights in Alabama in the 1960's and a woman's slaying of her husband in an effort to get her own life back. The acting is spot-on, and while the southern twang really got to me for the first five minutes or so, I was sucked in quickly. It has a number of slow, contemplative moments and mood shots, though it mostly powers through to the end, which is all things considered a happy, hollywood ending. On the whole, this is a more thoughtful movie than the large majority, while still being almost entirely accessible; it should be safe to share with your 'normal' and 'less-than-normal' friends alike. I highly recommend doing so. (review dated Jul 26, 2004)
Six String Samurai
Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai
Leon (aka The Professional)
Dead Man
I haven't even come close to seeing this yet, but I've been dying to for a very long time. And hey, 7.7/10 on imdb is saying _something_, even if it's just that it appeals to technophiles, or a lone technophile that thought it was underrated...
This movie rocks. I need to say something more than that. This page is really going to be a lot of work, eh? Practice, practice, practice.
La Vita è bella (Life is Beautiful)
Just a warning. This movie is a downer. This movie is the biggest downer I've ever watched. It does _not_ have a happy ending. But the _outward_ tone is happy-go-lucky throughout. You are warned.
SLC Punk
Also a downer. Beautiful. Drugs, parents, music, growing up, selling out. It's all covered.
Big Fish
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Yes, this is filler for what I hope will later be an actual review. Sorry. So much, so much, so much. The ending is amazingly perfect; the last 30 minutes were tear-inspiring. Inspiring. Oy.
Falling Down
The ultimate progression into insanity; plot winds up a disparate story with satisfaction and sadness.
After Hours
Literature. Movie. 80's. Captures a very special something, and wraps it with a understated yet thought-provoking ending.
Shaun of the Dead
Perfectly done. Instant cult classic. A romantic comedy. With zombies.
Garden State
A slice of life semi-comedy. Great texture. Nice acting. Quirky and real.

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