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3 out of 4 rounding errors agree unanimously. :: 02/28/2020

10/30/2018 :: The optimist: we don't have flaws everywhere in our system, only where you look.

Lowering the bar so that everyone can drink. :: 9/21/2017

8/31/2016 :: Alcohol doesn't solve very many problems at all, but sometimes it's nice to pretend.

Sleep is the hope that you can make tomorrow better by letting go of today. :: 5/5/2016

9/11/2015 :: Before me is a set of trivial tasks. As I select each, I fight with the need to do it better--properly! Better soon becomes intractable. Pick again.

The more I fail at life the more I feel like a manager. :: 3/25/2015

1/25/2015 :: You "become a writer" to touch others. You /write/ to touch yourself.

Another day. Another day the coffee isn't holding up its end of the bargain. :: 1/12/2015

1/12/2015 :: There is no brain; there is only meme.

It's when you vow to only indulge on special occasions...that you realize just how many special occasions there are. :: 1/5/2015

12/31/2014 :: If you want to believe everything that science "has not disproven", you will have a very complex and interesting life. Why pick just one thing?

There's a fine line between destroying memorabilia that no longer has relevance to you and blowing your brains out. :: 12/28/2014

12/4/2014 :: Don't believe everything you think.

The mind's soil suffers without crop rotation. :: 8/12/2014

6/15/2014 :: People tend to be far more interesting than they think themselves to be...unless they think themselves particularly interesting.

Well, you know. Communism is for /the people/, not for the people running it. Or the other way around depending on tone of voice. :: 10/3/2013

6/5/2013 :: Sometimes the only way to finish a project is to actually work on it.

Now is almost never the moment you wish it were; yet so often the moment you miss it being. :: 3/26/2013

3/25/2013 :: Writing a story is a lot like choreographing a ballet obscured by fog—you have to make the movements people can see convincing enough for them to believe the ones they can't.

If you've questioned all your assumptions and you still can't see the point of failure, you're missing an assumption. :: 11/14/2012

11/14/2012 :: Sometimes the words just spin in circles in my head and I don't know what they are anymore when they come out.

You can pick your friends, and you can pick your battles…but you can't pick your friends' battles. :: 8/27/2012

8/15/2012 :: Go where hope takes you.

Religion's a lottery. There are winners and losers, but you don't know 'til all the balls drop, and the chances are infinitesimal anyway. :: 5/3/2012

1/29/2012 :: Life is like a simile. You can do just about anything with it.

Saying there's no invention without need denies imagination. Saying there's no morality without religion denies humanity. :: 11/21/2011

11/21/2011 :: I think the hallmark of a rich nation should be its ability to afford the lazy and the will to indulge them.

The key to seeming smart is hanging around people that ignore your bad ideas and latch on to your good ones. :: 11/16/2011

10/21/2011 :: Cell phone area codes are becoming the modern day "last name". It's not where you are, it's where you're from.

Anger lets the heart fly; though it be cavalier and indiscriminate with where or how it lands. :: 09/19/2011

08/04/2011 :: I hate just about everything, given half an excuse. You'd think it gets old...it does. It's just who I am. I'm towards the top of my list.

Optimism's a great drug, but the crash is absolute hell. :: 01/24/2011

01/15/2011 :: Just because you don't understand doesn't mean I'm wrong; just because I don't understand doesn't mean you're right. Truth doesn't follow belief.

There are smart people everywhere. Sometimes they're just really hard to find, hidden by ignorance, real and assumed; yours and theirs. :: 01/10/2011

01/10/2011 :: If I bust my ass, and then you bust a nut busting my balls, I'm busting on out of here, Buster.

There is no trust or mistrust, forgive or forget--only more data for your belief net. :: 03/06/2010

12/24/2009 :: May your children grow up bright enough to counter your every measure and wise enough to know when not to.

Art as immortality is a delusion we tell ourselves as we hasten to the grave, wax melting all around--as much a dream as any religion, though perhaps less frequently subverted. :: 12/2/2009

11/23/2009 :: No matter how accelerated discovery becomes, it never is quite so fast as when you are learning it in school.

True wisdom is the awareness of the opportunity to learn. :: 11/1/2009

10/12/2009 :: To a point, selfishness is a survival trait. Say no as you need to, to survive, and understand others will understand.

normal. pah. just because everyone else is doing it doesn't mean it deserves its own word. :: 5/21/2009

5/14/2009 :: I really miss knowing everything. It was nice. At the same time I'm glad I grew out of it. ;)

Even rocks get worn down to sand. :: 4/15/2009

12/9/2008 :: Me and focus are like peanut-butter and chocolate. I think I'm the peanut-butter. I don't get nearly enough chocolate.

Reality is a near-infinite biochemical reaction. :: 11/06/2008

05/05/2008 :: &#^$*(^*@#&^$(@. When emotion gets the better of finding the right words.

Measure once, cut twice is a great way to make irregular snowflakes. :: 02/16/2008

02/07/2008 :: Confusion is an acknowledgegment of the complexity of the universe. One who is confused is not deluded.

The problem of personal liberation is that you sometimes disagree with the universe's capriciousness as to what your chains actually were. Sometimes the wall breaks, sometimes the chains break, and sometimes your arms break. :: 01/18/2008

09/26/2007 :: I fear most the day when I at last admit, to myself, that all my struggles are in vain.

Children know the meaning of life, but do not know the words to tell it; study imperfect sandcastles. Eh. Tired. Trying too hard. Stop trying. :: 05/24/2007

04/13/2007 :: Mind, meet sieve. Oh, wait, I see you know each other already...

It's more exciting to think than do; more exciting to do than sell; more exciting to sell than account for what's been sold. And yet all of that must be done or the whole of it fails. :: 01/17/2007

12/13/2006 :: Don't you think it's a bit odd that the brain is so hardwired to link coincidences? To assume conspiracy? Doesn't it suggest to you that the universe is trying to tell us something?

The only trust there is is in your own judgment of other people. :: 11/21/2006

11/20/2006 :: No matter how screwed up something looks on initial inspection, there's always room for an epiphany of understanding showing you that things are actually much worse.

I think due to sleep I'm thinking I'm a lot more clear than my last night's lack of sleep is really allowing. :: 07/20/2006

01/11/2006 :: I NEED COFFEE. That's not just a stock phrase!

Kaolin say -- low lying fruit is squishy and explodes on hands if grabbed too eagerly. :: 11/14/2005

08/31/2005 :: If you need it "yesterday" so badly, talk to me tomorrow.

Belief is the things we tell ourselves when we think no one is watching. :: 03/01/2005

01/10/2005 :: It's just a really long loop of stupidity.

You load the dice the best you can, but you've still got to roll them. :: 11/15/2004

08/24/2004 :: It is unsettling and somewhat depressing to be appreciated for that which I have had no part in being.

You could keep a clock by my schedule. In fact, you'd almost have to or all sense of time would be delirium. :: 07/27/2004

05/25/2004 :: You are what eats you.

One day you wake up and realize that the pain actually isn't going to go away. That's what it means to be old. :: 05/20/2004

05/19/2004 :: Passion does not beget greatness, but greatness has no foothold without it.

Optimism is blind, pessimism hyperopic. :: 05/10/2004

04/20/2004 :: Measuring your words can be a good way of measuring your self.

It may look like a groove to you, but to me it's just a rut. :: 04/15/2004

02/26/2004 :: Sleep is for the sane.

Programming is a binary operation: when it's good, it's really, REALLY good, and otherwise it sucks. :: 10/02/2003

09/24/2003 :: Never trust a programmer typing quickly.

I think if I just stopped watching what I ate, I wouldn't feel so disgusted. :: 09/24/2003

09/17/2003 :: I don't deal well with answers I don't yet know the question to.

Voting and recycling have much in common. With both, every little bit helps, and both make you feel a bit better about yourself, but neither are likely to make a whit of difference in the long run. :: 09/08/2003

07/15/2003 :: It's often said that those who try will never truly be, but that's just because the failures are the only trying seen.

Old? You're calling me old? Why, I've been a child longer than you've been alive! :: 03/11/2003

01/25/2003 :: I think my course has just run. vetoing caffeine and ushering in the new sleep.

It can generally be hoped that either somebody knew about it, or nobody did. :: 11/27/2002

09/29/2002 :: Pounding my head against the wall is a perfectly rational response. I'm sorting my thoughts by granularity.

peels emos? peels? slepe pelse omes some! :: 08/15/2002

04/26/2002 :: No regrets is not a goal in life, it's a way of living.

No artificial attitude or preservitude. :: 04/23/2002

03/31/2002 :: There is magic in freedom; and where there is magic, the church is sure to kill it.

What's really interesting is when you're part of the world rushing by someone who's part of the world rushing by you. :: 03/18/2002

02/11/2002 :: Fun? Endless fun. Keyword endless; fun optional.

What could be more peaceful than a slug crawling along your plate while you're eating? :: 12/07/2001

10/13/2001 :: Thank you, I'm not open to closing my mind.

I don't consider myself above the law, more beside it -- I don't think anyone should blindly follow others' strictures. :: 10/13/2001

09/25/2001 :: You can't CAPTURE (the moment) just by LIVING or WRITING - Your puke is (the sum of its parts,) NOT the context of PUKING.

Cats bite the hand that feeds them; Dogs lick the foot that kicks them :: 09/20/2001

09/17/2001 :: When it's all been said and done, it's all been said and done, and there's nothing left to do but do it well.

"Sell Sell Sell" doesn't. :: 08/29/2001

08/29/2001 :: See marketing for lack of details.

Everyone should have a little Kaolin voice in the back of their head. :: 08/16/2001

05/24/2001 :: Perspective is important: "the man" is typically not trying to oppress you; he's simply making things better for himself.

People can be very anal about not being anal. :: 04/23/2001

04/23/2001 :: It's amazing what avoiding doing something can get done.

You say semantics, I say pedantics. :: 03/15/2001

03/13/2001 :: The world is your oyster; don't eat it, aggravate it.

Exhiliration is fear without care. :: 03/12/2001

03/12/2001 :: You choose what you remember.

Sometimes things are said without thinking them through in the fear that one might forget one's trying to say anything at all. :: 02/27/2001

02/26/2001 :: Millions Dead! They won't last long; buy yours now!

It is hard to find a moment truly wasted. :: 02/08/2001

01/02/2001 :: People resent what is required, but endeaver to do what is encouraged.

There's no such thing as a hypothetical person. :: 10/31/2000

10/16/2000 :: And of course, on top of all that, I'm turning into myself, and I ain't got none of a clue what I think of that.

The disconnected definition exists not. :: 06/06/2000

05/23/2000 :: How often do you use "I don't know" to stop thinking?

Hell is life not stopping when you want it to. :: 05/17/2000

02/03/2000 :: In my sanity I find insanity.

You can't resist temptation if you don't flirt with it. :: 11/16/1999

11/15/1999 :: Sometimes in order to remember you must forget everything.

Starting and sticking with are all you can do in life, besides give up. :: 11/14/1999

11/13/1999 :: In my teeth I grind my sleep.

Consciousness exists to destroy itself. :: 11/07/1999

11/06/1999 :: Beware quantum selfhood. Observation may cause change.

Consciousness causes causes. :: 11/05/1999

11/04/1999 :: Quote pre-emptively. Make every statement a wonder.

Interpret each phrase in light of the postceding. :: 10/02/1999

09/28/1999 :: Children yearn to know, adults are afraid not to.

To quote is to limit yourself to what's already been said. :: 08/29/1999

07/28/1999 :: I quote therefore I am.

Ignorance is nine tenths of the law. :: 06/14/1999

05/31/1999 :: Nonexistence of a black cat does not pre-empt the finding thereof.

Flowers for no reason is reason enough for flowers. :: 05/28/1999

04/10/1999 :: Jaded is a bad trip.

Sheep happens. :: 03/30/1999

01/26/1999 :: Sometimes pain has a habit of ignoring the fact that you're trying to ignore it.

That which is general is made less so when the particulars are instantiated. :: 12/10/1998

10/01/1998 :: Philosophers strive for senility.

Wax on? Fuck off! :: 08/03/1998

05/06/1998 :: And the Monk said... let there be God. And woe unto man, there was God.

Happy wits is when they go on strike. (a reinterpretation of 'ignorance is bliss', to the tune of not enough sleep) :: 11/23/1997

11/05/1997 :: Math is like the streets of Ankh Morpork. Nuff Said.

Society has many complex values -- real and imaginary intertwined in one hideous transformation of ethics. :: 11/01/1997

07/19/1997 :: Pointed implications are always more fun than the truth...

Having your fingers crushed under the heel of a boot hurts more when they're crossed. :: 07/11/1997

06/20/1997 :: FYI: ask fwhy.

Throttle throttle *WHAM*... Throttle throttle *WHAM*! :: 06/12/1997

1994 :: Oops! Wrong button!

A pigment of someone's distorted magnification... :: 1991

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