Kaolin Fire with GUD Issues 0 through 5

kaolin fire presents :: thoughts/rants (old)

listed alphabetically for your hypertext amusement

assumptionsvsbeliefs.php What is an assumption? A belief? What are examples? Thoughts on personal karma, energies, self-control, reincarnation.
awakening.php Awakening; thinking too much, thinking too little, very short rant.
Biographies How does one divulge enough to say anything?
boundaries.php BOUNDARIES! I ***HATE*** BOUNDARIES. Everything is or isn't.
boundarygame.php but they can be fun to play with. they can also be learning tools.
bragging.php I brag!
cogsci.php cognitive science? riiiiight.
definitions.php life is not well defined!
differentanswers.php thoughts on the nature of thought/consciousness/understanding of self
gods.php What do I believe in?
hope.php give up all hope, ye who enter here. Well... some hope.
idealrelationship.php What would be my ideal relationship? Hell if I know. But it's worth a try.
learning.php zen thoughts; I don't really believe them but I did at the time. Need to work on this some more.
loneliness.php Sometimes I get a little depressed.
magicwords.php things to always be aware of in any situation
meaning.php Good rant, gives meaning to them all
names.php What have I been known by, and what does that mean?
onlinemorereal.php someone asked why people online seem more real than the people around ...
openrelationships.php short short thoughts on open relationships. I like them. I think.
opinions What do you do with yours?
orderofinformation.php How should one present information when one wishes to present information?
pain.php What I've attempted to teach myself over the years...
perspective.php Where are you coming from? Where are you, period?
physicalbreaks.php I find that I need breaks from a mental/social life
relationships.php longer thoughts on relationships, ish, but still the whole idealism and open relationship business comes into the rant.
sarcasm.php What, me?
scale.php How much?
Self a beautiful (if I say so) rap on self
shyness.php thoughts on talking, text vs. voice, how silly I am.
sociallife.php And sometimes I really think I need one of these... but... well, there's a pun just hiding around the corner
speakingplainly.php Can you understand me? Can I? I try, honestly!
suicidalconsciousness.php but isn't it strange? this hearkens back to the learning thoughts a bit.
suicide.php but not that depressed

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