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How does one say everything one wants to in a biography? *poof* the world judges you -- and maybe you don't mind the world judging you so much if it wouldn't involve inconveniences like potentially jeapordizing all future aspirations. And then there's the whole thing that no man is an island -- I'm defined and molded by myself and everyone I know or have known or have known of. And there's potentially a lot of incriminating stuff there for all involved. Who am I to divulge others' secrets? Well, of course, their secrets are a lot of who I am, but that's just word play not justification. So? How does one say anything at all relevant with all this missing?

And a person does not have just one biography in any case. There is the physical and there is the mental, and each of those is broken down and overlaps and winds around and twists this way and that....

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