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I look at you and wonder what it would be to put my arm around your shoulder.
I wonder what it would be like to stare into your eyes for the infinity.
These are questions to the answers that I once long ago knew.
I could feel your breast beating upon my own with the merriment of lovers.
But now we've come to sex, not love.
You pant like a dying horse and I move slowly above or below you
Wondering whether the happiness this time will last.
I calmly breathe in and out as you buck, thirsting for more.
And this is all I am.

Were I to stop now you would sit for a while, warm in your physical being.
But minutes would pass and again we would come to the pain.
But the need is still there, to make you as happy
As your presence makes me.
So I pump for a while, and feed from you your pleasure
while I can.
So I pump for a while and stare into your face your eyes
while I can.

And then you are finished or then I am tired and then we are done and I sit.
tired and weary, drained and wary.
Of when the magic will fade.

The look on your face when something is wrong
dreadfully wrong
will never allow any pleasure I bring
to compare.

And so I leave you, until again, the need is too great to see you hurting
and to be so distant
and so in the physical I grab the emotional warmth that I need.
while I can.

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