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Warm blend blossoms lepidoptically,
blossoms lepidoptically,
coursing smoothly to the centre of being.

An unknowing creator
creating creative creation
a memory of itself for others to know.

As tobacco shared,
gift of the gods
but easier to learn
it exemplifies and amplifies
naive introspection:
innocence gained.

Innocence gained and the form
of childhood
is remembered,
brought to mind by a flavour and texture;
a feeling created between old friends
that reminisce of times nonexistant,
never extant yet providing security for the mind
everything exists.

Where everything exists extant forever.

The words from the mouth of a drinker
of this lepidoptic blossom:
Blessed Be, prompts the chai.
Blessed Be, breathes the earth.
Bleessed Be.

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