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shimmering goddess purest silver whispering to my eyes
beckoning light laughing through the flaring wilderness
grey waves distorting vision fade across the skies
floats above the pyramid of entrancing bliss.

orange and red lap greedily for the source of my visions
pyramid of my desires suspended above our mother pleading...
existance and reality torn asunder, eternal schisms...
crying her existance, grasping for continuity, bleeding.

strength lapsing she folds upon herself limbs no longer able to support
the fires within her, timber falling ashen
she jumps and leaps in final ecstasy, with death she courts...
she slowly rests, existance gone, the dance is done.

A silver eye twinkles through the darkness, no longer obscured...
Acknowledgement of birth and passing.
A solemn procession of fireflies rest on the ground,
asleep forevermore.

-respects and thanks to Chris Terry for a wonderful night. :)

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