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the universe is crashing down around us
heat death of everything that we'll never understand
millenia will pass before it's gone
but infinity will die.
we won't be there to witness
for we'll already have passed
and our puny little solar system
will have dimmed away and gone
our sun our source our life our religion
will long have shivered and died
and so i suppose it doesn't really matter to us.

but what then do we live for?
our children's children's children?
and they for theirs and so on for as long as the eye can see?

but what then do we live for
when we know they all shall die
and a time shall pass 
as sure as dirt
that none shall exist again?

our children's children's children's children
and so on into the future
will never even exist as a possibility
entropy increases
which means that likelihoods are higher
but not of us.

entropy increases which means that chaos rules existance
entropy increases which undermines our resistance
our persistance

the sun you know
the world below
the seeds you sow
the plants you grow

the pictures you show
the knowledge you know
the places you go
the cargo you stow

will slowly but surely across the millenia become nothing more than
an evenly (probabilistically) distributed gas.

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