Kaolin Fire with GUD Issues 0 through 5

kaolin fire presents :: writing :: poetry :: Fade


The dark is calling nigh.
Streams of silver laugh with life
and call to me to join their strife --
their playful bubbling little lies...
but I lie silent, resting.
Coyote calls into the night
questing. Calling with old sights to see,
old tales to tell to old beings with new bodies thirsting for knowledge,
old tales to tell to old beings connecting the now and not now,
old tales to tell to old beings reminiscing without being...
but I lie silent, resting.
Eagle calls into the night
lauding, regally, the sights he sees.
I crane my neck but the bindings are too tight
and I lie silent, resting.
Friend rat stops by and nibbles free
my bindings for a moment,
but to their nature they hold true
and reform themselves about me.
I crack a wistful smile and give it to my friend
and then lie silent, resting.
The moon pulls on her darker covers and fades into the day...
always, always, ever calling, and I too fade away.

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