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kaolin fire presents :: writing :: poetry :: ImNotLonely


I'm not lonely.
Birthdays come and pass and pass and pass
Age creeps up with vericose veracity.

My body withers and yet I cry for...
I'm not lonely.

Friends in abundance make life worth living yet I make do
I have a computer too.
It stares at me and I write to stranges who write back because
you see
they're not lonely either.

the radio plays and plays and plays and everyonce in a while I have to 
change the station
because, well....
they're not lonely.

And now I go to sleep, pillow clasped, tears not forming, jaw clenched.
Peace will decend
"novocaine for the soul" a popular phrase now.
Not gonna look in the mirror do laundry or eat for a while.
just blissful nothingness.
a different sort but the same words always the same words.

because I'm not lonely.

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