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kaolin fire presents :: writing :: poetry :: InEventuality


wet moist earth dirt source life existance
a light rain patters down stirring uncertainty.
the seed sprouts pokes its head above the ground
body safe within the earth
the collective
group mind
survives and eventually the sprout finds sustenance
gently bathed in life a blanket
innocent and sure.

Individuality blooms;
seeds of ingenuity.
further from the earth the haven the safety the moist
womb of all.
further they grow
engorged with life and knowledge
hardening to the world tough and habituated to the
weathering of nature.
Slowly preparing for the day that must come.
in eventuality.

Bigger better faster more and then maybe its the wind
a foot
stray happenstances alwats add up and that moment happens
when the individual once again gains
communal death.

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