Kaolin Fire with GUD Issues 0 through 5

kaolin fire presents :: writing :: poetry :: KAT1


Blue tendrils reach over as I too climb towards the sky...
collapsing, climactic, 
I sigh as the wind licks cold sweat away.

Black and burlap, my traveling companion falls to my side,
dreams and thoughts stored snugly behind its zippered mouth
and dust from the road floats ethereally until settling.

Below the city's daunting lights are dimmed
by a blanket indecipherable from the clouds above
that I now sit in.

Behind me again blue tendrils grasp, further now,
and discolored with a dirty yellow grey
that foretells of new things to come.

Our first top, and our second, lie never forgotten
below as I gaze from our last and gaze on
wondering whether further heights lie withon.

Here I am with you wherever in your mind or mine we exist.
the simplest freedom my feet can find --

I grasp a thought and lie down, my traveling companion a welcome pillow
with the hard packed dirt a gentle friend beneath my back.

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