Kaolin Fire with GUD Issues 0 through 5

kaolin fire presents :: writing :: poetry :: LonelinessAndFriendship


Warmth that burns invades my chest
suffused throughout with loneliness
  -- a glowing jewel of pleasure

For it is not pain that brings despair
but the mind which fears what may be there
  -- I dare not fear illusion.


loneliness brings neither fear nor hope,
for hope is but fear with a smile.

loneliness brings the curve of your grin
and your eminent sense of style.

loneliness brings the sounds of your laugh,
thoughts of the day, the purr of a cat,
the food of your thoughts, your warm fuzzy being,
your honesty, oddity, quirks.

loneliness brings me a heightened sense
of the joys of the time that I'm with you;
a friendship fast, one or both meanings
may possibly last impossibly well.


I would not have you think me too forward,
for I wish not to scare you away,
tis something I've said once already (or twice)
your friendship is surely enough
your friendship does warm me today.

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