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unerring claws bring to my mind
a smile I'll never see
the tiny pricks of pain remind me of
things that will never be.

What once existed is long long gone
the joy a memory
what now exists can not go on
i now begin to see.

the hurt must go the way of joy
and flow into the sea
the cold must go the way of warmth
and from my body seep.

i call out silent to those that know
emotional true honesty
they whisper back and make me smile
for their knowledge thus is deep.

a critter then to hold the pain
the blooming of a tree
a critter then to look inside
and find the hurt in me.

a critter then, innocent, 
to help me in retreat
a critter then, inhuman,
to find my heart a seat.

I watch with shallow sunken eyes
a heart that barely beats
I listen with deaf ears for
the babe upon a teat.

New life is born within somewhere,
a protected cradled seed
hidden now, forevermore
until again I be.

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