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The form of Form sits on a shelf...
once it was red but that wasn't itself
it sat in a window but it wasn't seen
so I put it away and it's never been

it isn't beautiful for nothing is added
it isn't large for it hasn't been fatted
it's a template, a void, with hollowed out edges
that cannot be built with hammers and sledges

it once wasn't built and it'll be so again
and some time for sure it's part of a plan
but not part of a plan, for plain it is so:
a plan of the plans that a planner can know.

as a plan of the plans that a planner can know
it encompasses all the plans that can grow
and the plans that can grow contain it in whole
but of them it partakes in no manner at all.

now the plans it contains are all good and fine
but we've got to look at it, just one more time
if this plan of the plans is a thing that exists
then there's something that follows, that a sane mind resists.

that if there's a plan, of the plans that can be
then there's a plan of that plan, and then it repeats
so there's a plan of a plan of a plan of a plan
and so on and so forth, without ever an end.

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