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kaolin fire presents :: writing :: poetry :: MyFriendCaffeine


Caffeine delights in a rare occurence of my blood, amused;
dancing around it in mock pagan ritual,
mayhaps a monthly occurence the Caffeine rushes about carrying oxygen
to my brain
and helping my heart pump this foreign substance.
Lubricating and intoxicating me,
Caffeine chivalrously holds open my arteries
waiting for my blood to pass.
Takes it hand in hand to my kidneys where it excretes its waste
which I in turn remove at yet another place --
removal of waste a process on so many levels, micro and macro,
personal and global,
that Caffeine makes sure happens in proper order in my multiverse.
Caffeine delicately creates the flowers that blossom in my mind,
germinates and pollinates and cultivates my thoughts.
It allows me the motor skills that bring those thoughts to bear.
Caffeine is my Creativity, adrenaline inducing,
smiling crying laughing dieing
but evermore a friend, my life.
Caffeine brings me
to where I am.

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