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kaolin fire presents :: writing :: poetry :: Procrastination


classes come and classes go in a fog of procrastination
homework one day becomes late on the next
a test or a midterm, if I'd studied that is,
would be cake.

A lecture skipped for the homework that's late
a discusion that's missed from my staying up late
my classwork's not done for I stare at the screen
of my computer.

The computer stares back, as I try to do work,
daunting me, cursing me, taunting and teasing
so many things that I ought to be doing
that I can't
do anything
at all.

A class that I miss because I can learn it all later
the material is such -- it's a breeze
but later shall come, after it's due
and then I wind up procrastinating too.

I fail the class for the want of another
and I fail the other as well.
I look at my efforts and wonder...
what have  I done with my time?

Nothing accomplished, or nothing of measure,
nothing is done -- then, now, or ever.
nothing is written and nothing is saved
and I spose I'll wind up taking
this poem to my

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