Kaolin Fire with GUD Issues 0 through 5

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Amidst the deepest oceans
Amidst the brightest smiles
lavendar rainbows unfurling in prismatic beauty
I cannot remove your visage from my mind
Through endless fields of greenery
or flowing streams of data
through stink, stench, and humidity
or the doldrums of road, traveling, car, one ka-thump after another
your dazzling voice and beautiful mind never cease to infiltrate my desires
the months pass as years despite the weeks passing as days
our separation exacerbating due to uncertainty
Almost wondering if you were dimply a figment of my diseased brain
An ideal for my cognitive awareness to scramble for
a Perfection I could in no way have ever been in the blessed presence of,
let alone have had love returned.
Here I sit, red and black despair hemmed with purple hope...
Suppose one day you prove to me
that you are not a complex creation of my mind;
hold my hands in yours once more
and smile back into my eyes

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