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your eyes open to the first rays of dawn.
dumbfounded you lay there as more and more impact upon your retina.
Ah yes, this is morning.
The cold light spills forth reminding you of what you are to face.
all the unpleasantries, failed expectations, and misplaced aspirations.
A day, such as any, of course.
Slowly you thaw, and remove your covers, barren before a giver of life.
You stand, and stretch as pain wracks you pounding signals in your brain.
Ah, your body a marvel.
Slowly you thaw, and attack all the pains, kneading them into oblivion.
Slowly you thaw, and throw back your woes, steeling them into oblivion.
The sun's gentle rays bring life once again to your mind.
Tip toe tap dance the gnomes do their work lighting the fires in your skin.
Tip toe tap dance slowly you warm, a flush and a blush to your cheeks.
Tip toe tap dance slowly slowly you begin,
slowly you begin to be able to face the day.

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