Kaolin Fire with GUD Issues 0 through 5

kaolin fire presents :: writing :: poetry :: StilletoEyes


Stiletto eyes pierce the heart.

She sits there, once blinking, stilling my heart in the surety of my death

Head cocked, shoulders back, she preens, never taking her eyes off of me, 
	never once relenting from the stare that told of her deep contempt
	for me and all my kind, never once relenting the stiletto stare that
	pierced the innards of my being

An eternity of misery

Lavender dreams swimming throughout a mire of mindless despair

She doesn't want me; she'll never want me; but at least I'm not beneath her 

Perhaps she plays me like a willow sensuosly dripping into the wind

Red and yellow happiness bursts through as in my mind this hypothesis becomes 
	reality, an ecstatic burst of

Feathers, as she leaves her perch, circles towards freedom, and parts with a 
	condemning caw. 

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