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kaolin fire presents :: writing :: poetry :: WaitingisForever


Waiting is forever -- opportunity ain't free
you only get what you attempt; my friend I think you'll see --
karma runs the circle, you rule your destiny.
waiting is for others or I'd lose what time I have:
I'd sit around and rue the day I'd waited...
for someone else to do it.
Someone else to catch the blame, or maybe fame and glory --
you'll never know you let it go --
someone else who thought and tried their hands upon the problem.

Waiting is for others, for I shall take the lead.
For my thoughts I'll sweat and bleed and see where they do lead me.
If they lead me to some ill, I'll take that just as well,
and if it's gains, well golly gee, I think that's mighty swell.
for waiting is forever and were I the one to do it
I'd be waiting here forever inside this dismal pit.

Waiting is for others now -- I've gone and tried my best;
if best ain't good well that don't matter for
I've tried before the rest.
and if I think a thought or two I'll put them to the test...
since waiting is forever, I'll let it be Their deaths.

Human ingenuity will be my spit and shine --
I'll wipe and polish new ideas and spin them for a time.
I'll knock them down and try them out and see how they do stand
for waiting is forever, man, and I have time to spend.
waiting is for others -- I'll leave them to their tubes
vegging, drooling, wishing that
they were some other dude.

That dude is me -- I use the time
from day to day to day
with new ideas, inspirations, and bluffs to join the fray.
Waiting is forever, man, I'll not fall into sway...
I'll leave that to the others now,
waiting for forever man, forever and a day.

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